Sunday, August 23

The other end of summer

Not feeling like writing much tonight, but feeling like a few things need to be said.

Here we are at the other end of summer. Continuing with Parenting On Track, at our own pace, trying to put principles into practice a few at a time. Some of the concepts are things I think we knew before, but now they are out in the open, where we can examine them, and remember them. We are working on our relationships with our boys, and with each other.

R has been away from our immediate family, with his grandparents, and at camp, for a total of a month since June. It has been good for the relationship between E & V to develop. It has also been good for E to learn that he doesn't have to mimic R to get attention and love. And, it has been a break for us. I imagine that it has also been good for R's relationship with his grandparents. On the other hand, we have not been able to work much on our relationship with him, which makes readjustment when he comes back crazy.

Crazier yet is that we have decided to home school the boys this fall. We start next week! Crazy as it still sounds to me, I am not too worried about it. (If I didn't worry at least a little, my family might wonder what alien took their mother's place.) I've been reading, and thinking, and we've done some planning, but we'll start mostly by trial and error. What works, we'll keep! Reports from our home school will be at my new blog, "Oyster School". As for the name, you'll just have to check it out over there.

As we go into the fall, I am looking forward to apple picking, corn mazes, home schooling field trips, a retreat with family and friends, and another retreat, where I hope to make some new friends as well as learn a few things about myself.

Enjoy with me this season of transition.


Lilian said...

Hmmm, how interesting! We'll also be homeschooling, but the difference is that it will be "cyberschooling" -- the boys are registered at an actual charter school and real teachers will be interacting with us daily online. I think it's going to work great, at least I hope so. And I'm also starting a new blog about our experiences: Cyber Schooling Mom! It'll be great to interact with you about this.

Now, I also wish we could talk sometime about the Parenting on Track program. I think we are experiencing similar things that you were before you got in the program.

Anyhow, I'm glad to see you posting again and I hope you get to post more in the future. I'll subscribe to your new blog right away (I'll add it to my blogroll).

Cheryl said...

We found out about cyberschooling after the deadline to apply and have the state pay for it. If we enrolled, we would have to pay the not-insubstantial tuition costs. But, the more I read about homeschooling, the more I am comfortable with it, even if we don't have a formal curriculum to follow.

jena strong said...

Yay for the Mother's Plunge. I went to Sierra Madre in June - it was an amazing day.