Friday, February 29

Be yourself.

These words are inscribed on the title page of my copy of Momma Zen, but until recently, I just didn't get it. Of course I should be myself, but who am I?

What I am starting to realize, in my better moments, is that I don't have to complicate my life with labels. I don't have to fix myself. I don't have to find a new direction, or find any direction.

All I need, to be myself, is just to be: free, afraid, joyful, sad, peaceful, angry, awake, exhausted, creative, drained, engineering, nurturing, blogging, loving, changing, the same, many voices, all one, breathing, heart beating, me.

Thank you all for reminding me.


Anonymous said...

You're home in the place you've never left! Beautiful.

Shelli said...

And thanks for reminding ME!

Lilian said...

well, I just wrote my comment over there in the other post, but still, you're welcome ;-)

Space Mom said...

This post makes me smile!

bella said...

I think we so quickly, so often, get all stress out abou7t "being ourselves" with needing labels, as you spoke of.
When maybe just being ourselves is just being. As we are. which is always changing.
I'm grateful to be back here, learning from you.